Promoting Human Centered Sustainable Artificial Intelligence and learning technologies

Antrhopos|Techné is a non profit Italian association

What we are

Antrhopos | Techné

Antrhopos|Techné is a nonprofit Italian association founded in 2018 by researchers and professors from universities and public research institutes. It is based in Naples, hosted by the Natural and Artificial Cognition Lab of the University of Naples Federico II, to which the founder of the association belong to. Its mission is the application and dissemination of an interdisciplinary approach aimed at improving psychological and socio-relational wellness at different level in society, from personal to educational and professional develoment.


Our motto highlights the essential intersection between the comprehension and application of modern technologies and the development of a better society. This aim is achieved by means of scientific dissemination and the implementation of training and educational interventions in the field of:

soft skills training and assessment
technology enhanced learning
tangible interfaces
cognitive assessment and rehabilitation
educational robotics